Spring Training

Carlos is ready.

Nice. First “best shape of his life” story. It’s truly spring!


The ST lids are pretty sweet.

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I’m on board with Dusty being the right guy for right now.

Totally agree about Dusty, Ty.

Breaking news, Frances Martes has tested positive for PED’s a second time and now has been suspended for a full season. Might I suggest we just cut him loose. He’s obviously too fucking stupid to keep around.

He’s pitched in eight games (25 IP) since 2017, with a 6.48 ERA and 2.12 WHIP. Hasn’t been effective at any level since 2016. They would’ve been justified cutting him even before this.

Release him. Stupid is not limited to trash can banging.

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Martes: bye bye

Anybody know what Valdez did in the offseason?

ETA: I mean baseball-wise. I know it’s weird to have such a question lately.

For those in need of good news, Strom says Josh James has been, “very impressive” so far. States that he has re-worked his delivery with coaching and video.


Brief good news does not overcome the bad. Rosenthal again today: “2017 not legitimate.”

Fuck that.

If all we have to do is listen to the droning opinions of people I could give two shits about then I can weather that storm.

That article doesn’t mention it, but I read somewhere that his re-worked delivery is modeled on Gerritt Cole’s.

Has this been mentioned here before? I just always remember people debating whether he was good enough to play in the outfield, not whether his knees could take it.

I recall that being an issue after he fouled a pitch off his knee, but I don’t remember it being a general condition.

Straw with 2 homers today, one an inside the parker.

He probably cheated by running too fast.

Anyone know how many pitches LMJ threw?