Simone Biles

I guess Michael Phelps just timed his use for the right moments. Smart guy.

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According to ESPN, she’s eligible for the 4x100 m relay, if the US wants her to race. But yeah, could take her out of other events.

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I would assume those moments for Phelps were not 20-something days before the Olympics begin, when you know you’re about to get tested for everything under the sun multiple times.

I feel terrible for her, but you can’t blame anyone else.

I don’t think she is. She’s owned up to it and will accept the punishment.

But it’s a pity that folks won’t get to see her, because she’s incredibly talented. We saw her in person at the NCAA championships at UT a couple of years ago, and she was electric. You wouldn’t think someone that small could run that fast.


She’s not, but others are.


Is she not black? And is he not smart for knowing the timeline?

But, if you don’t think there’s a perception about her because of color then good for you.

I’m excited to see her and a bunch of others race. I’m in awe of their commitment. And it is sad to see one mistake possibly take away dreams and years of hard work.

I think it is horrible and I think they should pardon her and wave her suspension. I think everyone that wants to should smoke pot without fear of penalty. I don’t think that will happen but I am hopeful. I don’t think her ethnicity had anything to do with her failing a drug test. I think her replacement is a white girl, so there’s some good fodder for those who think race had something to do with it.

I fucking detest this casual attitude toward marijuana. If it is legal, ok, but that shit started my daughter on her way to addiction and to prison.

I know you feel that way, you’ve said it quite eloquently before. You have a solid reason for that conclusion. Isn’t she is doing quite well now? I certainly hope so.

For most everyone else cannabis is no more a gateway to a drug addiction than beer is to alcoholism. I think the worst I can say about it is that it is still against the law in most places and kids shouldn’t do even where it is legal.

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Beer is a gateway to alcoholism. Try another analogy.

It is legal in Oregon, where she was tested.

Grape juice then, not beer. Anything done before another thing could be considered to be a gateway to doing the next thing. But the vast majority of beer drinkers don’t be come alcoholics and the vast majority of pot smokers don’t turn into junkies.

Be careful. Grape juice is a gateway to pomegranate juice. Next thing you know you’re putting ginger in your carrot juice.

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That sounds pretty good.

People under 16-18ish should absolutely not be using cannabis or alcohol, due to developmental issues in a non-fully-formed adult brain.

Alcohol is no good outside of strict moderation, so I’m already a hypocrite, but I do very much worry about the strength and the ease of ingestion (it’s just a gummy bear or 8) and commonality of pot now. This is not your gramma’s weed that the kids have access to, it knocks me on my fucking ass if I’m not careful.

I will say that CBD is by far the best pain reliever I’ve found, all my joints agree.


I saw a post on this topic - I stress that this was a general comment and not directly about the Richardson case - that marijuana can be used to mask PEDs and also to accelerate the flushing of PEDs from an athlete’s system. That’s why it’s banned, which (now) makes sense.

I’ve never heard that about masking and flushing.

Good advice in any public restroom.