Serious Football Injury

Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills with a serious injury in tonight’s MNF game. After a hit to the head/neck, he got up and then collapsed. Ambulance was on the field performing CPR for nearly 10 minutes. Game delayed. This may be the worst of the worst.


I wonder if it was an injury similar to D.J. Hayden’s. He tore his inferior vena cava in his heart after taking a knee to the chest in practice and almost died.

ETA: I guess not if the hit was in the head/neck area.

Just reschedule

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My first thought was Mike Coolbaugh. Blow to the neck crushed his aorta.

That was what crossed my mind, too.

Weirdly, I thought about him and that injury earlier today when reading that his brother Scott had played for Coach Gus.

It’s been an hour. Just announce it over.

And skip Bayliss is an idiot.

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There is no way they resume this game. The players simply won’t do it.

And yes, Skip is a total moron.

And there is the people out there blaming the vaccine.

I love the quick updates on Twitter but that shit sucks.

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Game done. Finally announced.

It’s a completely minor point but this should absolutely be the thing that finally gets Skip fired

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What has he said?

What did Skip say?

This reminds me of a bad memory from HS that had a happy ending. Good friend of mine had an aneurysm on the football field about 5 feet in front of me. There were several doctors in the stands, life flight landed at the 50 yard line. If it had happened just about anywhere else he would not have survived.

Speculation on Twitter is “commotio cordis” (blow to the chest over the heart) (why some baseball players wear small chest protectors) ETA Thanks spelling HH

He’s far worse than a moron.

He’s a calculating piece of crap who will say anything if he thinks it will draw a reaction.

What Skip said wasn’t that bad, at all. Suzy Kolber was ranting about the game going on, but she seems immune from scrutiny for some reason.

Any idea what it was he said?

What did he say or do? Please don’t tell me he said how postponing the game fucked up a lot of fantasy football leagues.