Season in jeopardy already?

Since I could have put this in about 6 different threads, I decided to start a new one. Looks like the Marlins flight got cancelled after being delayed. They currently have 4 players positive. This might be the end of the season already.

Man, what a sad state of affairs.

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First team to go down. When will the idiot Commissioner say enough is enough?

Aaron Judge is going to have to be on a ventilator.

I think he’ll cancel the season if Judge sneezes.

The Yankees Phillies game tonight has been cancelled in order to sanitize the clubhouses after the Marlins’ visit.

The Yankees are in possible danger?

Maybe we’d better take this seriously.

It’s hard to take any of these games seriously. Cardboard fans in the seats and fake fans behind the plate. I tried to watch a game on I believe ESPN and they put in fake fans behind the plate. It was a poor job as the “fans” appeared to be sitting on top of their seats. It’s incredibly stupid to be playing games right now with everything going on and it’s stupid having fake fans. I think it’s just a matter of time before the season gets cancelled. It’s a shame though… one less season with our core group. Verlander and Greinke are getting older and may not have much left in the tank with another year gone.


Riddle me this:

How can the KBO be in the middle of a successful, as safe as you can be in these times, league, but the biggest, highest revenue baseball league in the world made it 3 games before a massive (and probably going to get worse) outbreak?

Boy that’s a good question we’re really gonna have to put our thinking caps on to get to the bottom of this one

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One, Korea contained the spread of COVID-19 before resuming professional sports. Two, I’d presume they are following public health protocols for COVID-19.

In MLB, you have things like this:

Apologies, I forgot to add the /s to denote my question was sarcastic.

I’m seeing tweets from sports writers MLB HOLDING EMERGENCY MEETING… So, dudebros, y’all really hadn’t thought this far ahead? Y’all hadn’t taken the time to establish a procedural protocol on the wildly improbable off chance that some team’s player or another or 15 got sick? Really?

I mean, I understand that it’s a deadly pandemic and so on, but this is laughable incompetence.


This whole “season” was about money and how much they would lose if they didn’t have one. I’m assuming money was the main discussion topic when they had their meetings before the season started. Of course they don’t know what to do now that nearly a whole team is infected.


No reason for you to apologize. I need to get my sarcasm meter checked, as it’s not functioning properly.

They hadn’t figured out where Toronto was going to play its home games, so I’m not terribly surprised they hadn’t figured this out.

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I’m sure the NCAA has it all covered, though. Unless Trump’s thick-headed minions learn that we can’t have nice things until the virus is under control, this will be just the start with autumn and forced school openings to come.

At least they’ll already have the troops deployed to make sure those pesky young’uns behave. Planning ahead!

That should probably be policy for Marlins trips whenever Jeter travels with the team, regardless of pandemic conditions.

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