Rule Changes for 2022

The reporting on this is a tad shaky but apparently ABS is coming to the AAA West so those attending Space Cowboys games this season will have to shit on the HPU for other reasons.

It’s here…

I love the petty whining in that quote.

An automated system can be fixed when it sucks. Angel Hernandez… Not so much.


Accompanying article says that the pitch clock has resulted in average time for milb games going from 3:00 last season to 2:35 thus far this season.

Everyone in the league pitching at Roy Oswalt’s pace? Sign me up.

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Restricting the number of catchers’ trips to the mound has to help also.

Reiterating what was reported a month ago…

Isn’t that exactly how that’s supposed to work?

I thought balls and strikes weren’t subject to review. Although I suppose that anything the Yankees want, they’ll get.

They’re experimenting with the automated strike zone being on a review basis in the minors.

So the ump is still calling balls and strikes unless there’s a challenge? What are the rules on challenges?

Not sure of the number, but the batter, catcher, or pitcher can request a review which typically takes 2-3 seconds


Each team gets 3 per game.

Stros needed all 3 in the 1st half-inning.

If you get one right do you get another one?

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Oh fuck you Manfred…

Huh? I don’t have an “athletic” subscription…

As noted in the tweet, free for all to read, including non-subscribers.

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If the idea of banning the shift is to ensure that more balls in play are hits, this actually makes sense.

But I did learn from it that MoBerg is now a AA manager for the Rays.

I hate this Big Brother control so much. I hate the shift, but managers should be able to position their fielders wherever they choose.