Royals at Astros, 9-24-23

Solid lineup today, don’t fuck this up guys.

Alvarez LF
McCormick DH
Diaz C
Dubon CF

Hunter Brown

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Please fucking win this game

They have to win out now to have an outside chance at the division. Have to win today and sweep Seattle to stay in a reasonable wild card position. Win today, worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

Until I see a change in their approach at the plate, I hold out little hope. They are hacking’ big swings at everything with little regard to the in-game situation. 52% (59 of 113) of their runs have come on the HR here in September. Heavily weighted towards the front of the month. And, pitchers appear to have picked up on that gameplan that worked reasonably well when everyone was back at the beginning of the month and are not throwing anything in the zone. Yet, Astros hitters continue to flail away.

Hunter Brown needs to be at his best from the first pitch.

We absolutely have to win this game for many reasons

Yes, retaining my beaming countenance is just one of many reasons.


Brantley out for the game again today. They are eyeing a return tomorrow against the M’s.

I’m guessing he retires in the offseason. One strong(ish) throw for the assist against the Royals on the 17th has him tumble to the ground on the throw and then out for the next 8 days. 100% appreciate the grinding effort but playing in pain like that has to suck.

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Nice 1-2-3 start for Brown. Now how about a lead this series

Is that even allowed?

I thought giving up runs in the first was required, but I guess not.

You’ll have to wait until the inning after the Astros score

Altuve with a leadoff single, Texans with a takeaway

Bregman with a fly out

Alvarez with a single, Altuve to 3B

If Yordan’s elbow were 100% that would have been an easy fly out.

Tucker…full count…pops out

Up to Abreu


Abreu! RBI double!