Royals at Astros, 7/7/22

Your shell of a lineup for today’s game:

2B Altuve
LF Diaz
DH Alvarez
3B Bregman
CF Meyers
1B Matijevic
SS Dubon
RF McCormick
C Maldonado
P Verlander

You get a day off! And YOU get a day off! EVERYBODY GETS THE DAY OFF!

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JV will be ecstatic if he gets his usual 2 runs of support today.

JV K’s the side around a single by Benentendi in the 1st

At least Dusty is letting JJ play.

Altuve 5-3
Diaz lines one hard, turns the CF around but he makes a nice grab reaching back, F8
Yordan grounds out hard to the SS playing in shallow RF

0-0 after 1

He didn’t have much choice with Yuli and Pena out

My reference was to yesterday’s postgame show:

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Rivera shoots a 1-2 high FB the other way for a leadoff single
Olivares line single to CF, bad decision by Meyers to throw to 3B, Dubon lazy on the cutoff, runners safe at 2nd/3rd no out
Isbell K’s
Attempted squeeze, ball too high to bunt, baserunner ventures too far off 3B, Maldy nails him 2 down
Lopez single plates a run though
Gallagher loops one to CF, Meyers with a diving catch, 3 down.

1-0 Royals

Is there something going on with Yuli?

Yeah, but nobody seems to know where the discomfort is

What a mess of an inning, on both sides

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Stros need to figure out this doofus on the mound, pronto.

Chandler Rome says “an undisclosed injury.”

What exactly is the benefit of not disclosing injuries, other than those health and safety protocol related? Plus, with sports so tied to gambling and daily fantasy now, you would think there would be some pressure to announce why players are not playing.

It seems highly likely I will be throwing things before this game ends.

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Maybe it’s anal fissures. We only needed to hear that once. If that.

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Bregman watches ball1 get called strike1, then swings through 2 mediocre FBs for the K
Meyers rips a line drive single to LF
Matejevic watches a middle up 90 mph FB, hits a hanging breaking ball hard but right at the SS for an easy DP

1-0 Royals end of 2


Dubón at short rather than Aledmys is proving to be a questionable choice.