Royals at Astros, 7/6/22

Altuve and Gurriel with the night off:

2B Dubon
SS Pena
DH Alvarez
3B Bregman
RF Tucker
1B Diaz
CF Meyers
LF McCormick
C Maldonado
P Javier

Did they send Matijevic down?

No, he’s still active.

Well, there goes the no-no and shutout.

Merrifield with a lead off HR

I hope CJ wasn’t reading too much of his press.

3-0 Royals

Regression to the Mean just called and he sounds pissed

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Strike out
Stolen base
Strike out
Strike out

3-0 Royals

Giving the other team a head start is a bad strategy

Astros go quickly on 8 pitches

3-0 Royals

Here’s the good news: The Royals are terrible.

Here’s the bad news: The Astros are LONG overdue a full 9 inning stinkfest.

Congratulations! Your post is in the running for tonight’s GZ theme!

Royals tagged on another solo HR to make it 4-0

That was a shit at bat by McCormick

Meyers drives home Bregman on what I believe was ruled a double, but a very makeable play by the 3B.

End 2, 4-1 Royals

Benintendi hits one inches outside the foul pole. KC requesting a review.

That ball was foul by three feet.

Somewhere in between the two, but certainly not worthy of a review.

Matheny requested a “crew chief review”. Which is ridiculous. Basically a team gets unlimited challenges.

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Twice now Benintendi has taken strike three for ball four.