RIP, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

There was never any doubt about this. He’ll wait until after the election, so none of the Republicans have to feign a conscience, and come December, Trump’s nominee will be easily confirmed.

I think there’s a decent chance it doesn’t get filled til next year, unless Trump wins the election.

There is no way McConnel doesn’t ram his nominee through, regardless of the election. He’ll wait until after it, so no Republican has to decide between toeing the party line or common human decency, but it’s going to happen. It’s a no brainer.

McConnell’s announced that Trump’s nominee will get a vote.

Getting a vote and getting confirmed are two different things. Murkowski has already said she won’t confirm someone; it wouldn’t surprise me if Collins and someone else do the same.

There would need to be four Republicans vote against confirmation. Not going to happen.

This is absolutely true.

But if Democrats take the Senate and White House, they’ll almost certainly expand the court from 9 in response.

Murkowski said she wouldn’t vote to confirm someone before the election. If the vote happens between election day and January, you bet your ass she’s voting for Trump’s nominee.

I personally know a lot of people who did precisely this in 2016, and they would do it again.

There are a couple of Republican Senators up for election who are vulnerable. One is Collins in Maine. McConnell is not going to let her make a decision before the election.

I get your larger point, but I don’t think she voted for Kavanuagh, so it’s not out of the question.

Me too. Most people I know who voted for Trump did so solely for the SCOTUS pick. That was the only reason they voted for him, and they make no bones about it, if a SCOTUS pick is on the agenda, they will vote for Trump, no matter what other foul, abhorrent, or illegal things he does.

Kavanaugh had an historic amount of personal baggage attached to him. If the confirmation vote happens between November 4 and January 1, and if Trump nominates a non-boofer, you can all but put Murkowski’s name in the Yea column.

Just wait. It’s going to be a woman nominee who is pro2nd amendment, pro-life, anti-immigration, and willing to “let boys be boys”

Saw this this morning:

At face value, a reasonably admirable response for him. Maybe the first time ever that I’ve seen him act anything like that, especially off the cuff.

But then I remembered that the administration released that list of potential Supreme Court nominees about a week ago. And you know that all of the movers and shakers in Washington had to know about her real condition days or perhaps weeks ahead of her death. So the only things I’m left with are 1) last night was a rehearsed response, and 2) it’s fucking ghoulish to release a list of nominees for someone you almost certainly know is terminally ill but not actually dead yet.

McConnell just unzipped his fly. Now that he’s announced that Trump’s nominee will get a vote, Republican senators don’t get to duck the question of what they’ll do. He’s committed them all to Trump’s cause, which is the last thing they wanted.

This is the only response. By scorching the earth, McConnell has ensured that a Democratically-controlled senate will evaporate the filibuster on day #1 and spend the next two years (at least) grinding his saggy balls into the dust.

Oh, she did. After all the usual pearl-clutching and concerned statements, she said she’d been assured by Boof that he would honor settled law when it came to Roe and so voted to elevate him to the court.

Then, of course, at the very first opportunity, Boof voted to upend settled law around Roe.

She’s very unpopular in Maine and losing in the polls. By confirming they will hold a vote to fill RBG’s still warm seat, McConnell just jammed his foot on the gas and aimed the bus right at Collins.

This is obviously from before RBG’s passing:

I don’t think they’ll expand the court. That will have no end. We’re just going o have to suffer. Elections have consequences. The American people elected a lying, amoral, loud mouthed game show host as their President, and the consequence is America will have to suffer for decades to come.


A minority of Americans elected him. If dems don’t do what’s necessary to put the majority back in charge, fuck ‘em.