RIP, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Died today at 87

Trump will get his third SCOTUS pick.

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I hope there are enough votes to block confirmation.

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There are not. There is no way Republicans are not going to ram through whomever he picks, even if it’s Ivanka.

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Does it take 2/3?

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Nope. Simple majority. They changed the rules to get Trump’s first two confirmed.

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Of course, it would be cosmically hypocritical to force through a nomination before the election, or even during a lame duck session if Trump loses. Which means they will full-on try to do it. It will fall on the narrow shoulders of Collins, Murkowski et al to hold to their own principle.

That’s the long game.

The short game is now that the liberals, joined by Roberts, can only tie the conservatives. Any cases around the election reaching the Supreme Court will be decided 5-3 by the conservatives, or be tied and sent back to the lower courts already pre-loaded with conservatives.

This is an absolute fucking nightmare.

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That is not in the Constitution?

Not a required percentage. Only that the Senate must “consent”.

It pretty much erases any civil rights gained in the last 50 years. It also may tip the scales in the election even further in Trump’s favor. SCOTUS picks is a HUGE issue for many conservatives, even those who were otherwise prepared to vote for Biden. They will surely stay with Trump now, as this pick will be the only issue that matters to them.


McConnell is going to change the rules to make it a private vote to protect the vulnerable republicans.

The vote will happen after the election. That way no Republicans are vulnerable.

Good points all. There is no way to spin it, this is a colossal win for Trump.

This is a deluge in a drought for him. The stars could not have lined up any better.

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He’s got the person picked, McConnell will ram it through…abortion and gay marriage will be illegal in 2021.

The trick is going to be for the Democrats to turn this into a rallying cry to get out the vote.

Not going to happen. It’s going to push the undecideds and the Republicans who were going to hold their nose and vote for Biden to vote for Trump. This pretty much seals the deal for him.

And just in case you thought McConnell can’t be this much of a miserable fucking cum stain…

I do not believe this.