Reds at Astros, 6/18/23

But taxing the medals themselves? Do they tax Medal of Honor winners, too?

They don’t tax the medals, they tax the cash prize that comes with winning the medal. You get paid for winning a medal. It’s $37,500 for gold, $22,5000 for silver, and $15,000 for bronze.


3-1 Astros

Great job starting Julks Dusty


Tucker looking good today too

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Single by Dubon, double by Tucker, but they’re stranded

End of two…3-1 Astros

Party pooper pop up

That line above says they tax the value of the medals and the prize money.

Similar to the way a free car on The Price is Right carries a tax bill.

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By the way that tax bullshit is the reason I decided against being an Olympic medalist.


I was gunning for Employee of the Year, but when I realized the $50,000 bonus that came with it was taxable, I said “fuck that”.


Gonna give it back, Ronel?

A few years ago Mrs Hawk won a free trip from the Texans. It’s was “free” in that it only cost us about $3,000 in taxes.

Walk, stolen base, single, and Reds on the corners, nobody out…

Single makes it 3-2…still nobody out

Popcorn fart of a single correction makes it a one run game

Not tied yet. Yet.

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And to answer the question…no the Medal of Honor is not taxable, neither is the pension that comes with it.

Nice one

6-4-3…tying run at 3B, two out…

That changeup drops off the shelf in a hurry