Reds at Astros, 6/18/23

Happy Father’s Day to all!

2b Dubon
3B Bregman
RF Tucker
1B Abreu
DH Diaz
CF McCormick
SS Pena
LF Julks
C Maldonado

P Blanco

Please don’t shoot me over this lineup, I’m just the messenger.

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Aside from Julks getting yet another start, this is fine for an Altuve off day. At least he’s not hitting leadoff this time.

But that’s the point. There’s absolutely no reason for Julks to play on an Altuve off day. Both Meyers and Chas are better bats and defenders, and Julks got a start yesterday.


RHP yesterday, Julks bats leadoff (did have 2 BBs)

RHP today, Julks bats 8th

Pena quasi-permanently in the 2-spot is my preference, but I don’t matter.

I want a well-played Father’s Day victory for all the dads in the stands and watching at home.

It would be fanfreakingtastic if the Houston Astros baseball club won this one today, on Father’s Day, so my late father won’t turn in his Astros loving grave more due to this season.

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads.

Let’s beat the commies, Astros.

I get it, I think I’m just getting inured to Julks starts.

Oh, good, the ump clown show continues.

Bregman doubles, Tucker singles, Bregman scores on an E9

Diaz with a 2-out single…two on, two out for McCormick…

Chas with an RBI knock!

On the corners for Peña…

End of one…2-0 Astros

Now let’s call time out and go home.


I’ve got no idea where else to post this, so I’ll just put it here since it’s just a little bit of trivia that deserves to fade away. I’m reviewing my 2022 taxes prior to filing, and for grins I was going over all of the various bizarre “adjustments to income” that are listed on Schedule 1, and among other oddities is this:

Nontaxable amount of the value of Olympic and Paralympic medals and USOC prize money reported on line 8m

Seriously? How much do they think they’re going to pull in with that pettiness?

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Re: today’s Stro Poll, Mike Scott in ‘86 vs the goddamn mets.

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Line 8 is for all gambling winnings, prize winnings, and forgiven debt. Olympic prize winnings are taxable, same as any other income.

And like that, it’s 2-1

Fuck. That ball was tattooed.

I’m officially out on the dumb homerun hats.

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Reds dugout? I missed it.

And I hope Fraley’s nickname is “Ace”.

Yes, some sort of ridiculous Viking hat.

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