Red Sox at Astros, 8/22/23

2b Altuve
3b Bregman
RF Tucker
DH Alvarez
LF McCormick
CF Verlander’s security blanket
1b Singleton
SS Pena
C Maldonado

One night after an entirely logical lineup scores nine runs, we get this fresh batch of nonsense.

Jesus fucking Christ, fuck Dusty Baker.

This is criminal mismanagement.


What? You don’t like Dubon batting 6th?

He’s protected by Singleton.

Think of the pinch-hitting options we have for later in the game.

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Can you imagine going into any event, a meeting, a game, a confrontation, anything with 44% of your capacity significantly below average? And, doing so intentionally?

I’m drunk, therefore, I should drive.
I’m sick and have not slept, therefore, let’s do this job interview.
I’m Dusty Baker, therefore, lets build this crap lineup.
I have dementia, therefore, lets post in the TZ.
My team is on strike, therefore, lets launch this rocket.

We are in the fucking middle of a tight pennant race and Dusty trots out this shit??? I hope like hell he’s not our manager next year…


I’m gonna need a few drinks before the game tonight

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I don’t usually gripe about the lineup. But why the hell is Diaz not at 1st and batting 5th or 6th? Dusty needs a breathalyzer test before he writes the lineup card out.

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When this team ends up 3-4 games out of the division and loses the wildcard game, it’s going to be really fun to look back at all the games the Astros trotted out one of these absolutely fucking trash lineups with 1/3 of the best hitters on the team on the bench the whole game.

I cannot wait until Dusty Baker is no longer the manager of this team. There is no excuse for how fucking absolutely idiotic these lineups are.


Lots of high fives in the Rangers’ dugout when this lineup was posted.

Trying to reconcile his moves in the postseason and his in-season moves, the only thing that makes any sense is the team tells him to let the boys play and roll out any lineup you like after consulting with the key players. And, during the postseason, the brain trust is actually directing every single move and lineup.

Which works great when August and September are about keeping the regulars healthy and rested for October, not so much when the team’s in a knife fight to the finish.

Dusty’s lineups piss me off but I’m disappointed nobody up the chain of command seems to have read him the riot act, either. Play the best players. Period.


Are we sure Dusty knows that we are not 10 games up in the division?

It’d be interesting to see what those wRC+ numbers looked like for, say, the last 60 days. das guesstimates: Dubon=way lower, Singleton=same, Pena=lower, Maldy=lower, Diaz=even higher

Does he know the game tonight is v. Red Sox?

Maybe Singleton is going down when they activate Brantley and he’s trying to get him some more at-bats? Sounds looney, but we are talking about Dusty.

Yordan scratched. Hurt his finger in a door at home, expected back tomorrow. Yainer in at DH.

Surprised Dusty didn’t put the door in the DH spot

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