Red Sox at Astros, 8/21/23

2b Altuve
3b Bregman
RF Tucker
DH Alvarez
LF McCormick
1b Diaz
SS Pena
CF Meyers
C Maldonado

P Javier

King Tuck is back, and there’s no Singleton in the lineup! Hallelujah!

For some reason MLBtv never broadcasts the Astro pre or post game shows. So I’m watching the Boston pre-game show. They had some local weather guy give an update for the weather in Houston tonight and he remarked it will be a hot 93 at the ballpark when the game starts. It will be a hot game for the Sox tonight. I guess he doesn’t know about that roof thingy or air conditioning.

Those pitiful east coast teams can’t afford indoor baseball.

Please be effective Cristian.

Seems unlikely

Chas didn’t play that too well.

Can we go back in time to when Cristian Javier was an ace that could command the zone?

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Full counts galore.

And 2 hits that were both this close to being snagged by an OFer.

Well shitfuck.

I go to mix a cocktail and Javier already has runners on the corners

You’re right, and I have a real problem with this. It pisses me off and I’d like to know why. I also watch a lot of Twins and their pre and post game shows are broadcast.

Back to important things, this Javier start is of to a suboptimal start when we need him to go deep into this game.

Javier go deep into a game right now? We can dream.

Not a shocking development with Javier


Just set it on a fucking tee

Peak Javier is a 6 inning guy.

And this is valley Javier.

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Request for effective Javier… DENIED

Total fucking meat

That’s what happens when you throw fastballs down the middle.

The invisiball is very visible.