Red Sox @ Astros, Memorial Day 2021

Well, that was interesting, but at least they got the run in.

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Did someone use their head?!?!?

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Really smart play by Diaz to make sure that run scored.


They should do stuff like that more often.

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I’ve got three racks of ribs and two 1-inch thick chops on the smoker.

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Smoked a brisket yesterday. It was pretty damn good

Well played by Marwin also. If he goes to second, likely Straw beats the rap at first, the run scores and the inning continues.

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Yep. It was a good baseball play, all the way around. Sort of the opposite of that fiasco in Pittsburgh the other day.

Whole brisket? I enjoy doing that, but it’s pretty hard for two people to finish off a whole brisket. I’ll usually just do a flat, but that’s kind of hit or miss because it’s so lean.

Low and slow.

I do the whole brisket. Usually the smallest whole brisket I can find. It lasts us a couple of weeks. A few meals of slices…chopped in some baked potatoes…breakfast tacos…then maybe some chili.

I really like Urquidy. Dependable, no-nonsense kind of guy.


Urquidy with a nice T3

Machete starts B3 by smacking a line drive up the middle.


2-run home run

That home run scraped some paint, but it counts just the same.

How is the expected average .080 on a ball that left the yard? It had zero chance of being an out.

Why would anyone put brisket in their chili? It would just step all over the beans and tomatoes.


Kinda like Altuve’s HR?

Not to mention the cinnamon and rice.

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