Red Sox @ Astros, Memorial Day 2021

“For love of country they accepted death, and thus resolved all doubts, and made immortal their patriotism and their virtue.” - James A. Garfield


Urquidy with a quick 1-2-3 first

No score

Altuve is an idiot

He’s not what you call a “thinker”. But he makes up for it by not having any instinct.


McCormick takes a close pitch for ball four. Probably should have been strike three. Astros first base runner.

Bregman grounds into 4-6-3 twin killing

No score after one

I just tuned in…what’d Altuve do now?

Took a crushable fastball right in his wheelhouse, then tried to bunt and bunted it hard right back to the pitcher.

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This may be selective memory on my part, but Bregman seems to be having particularly fruitless AB’s with men on base for the last couple of weeks.

Many thanks for beginning the thread this way.


Altuve is not a good bunter.

In the last 11 days, he’s had three RBI. One was a solo home run, and one was a weak ground out to 2B yesterday. Yeah, he’s been pretty bad with runners on base for a while.

Urquidy with a nice 2nd…no score

Correa leads off the B2 with a single…Astros first hit.

Absolutely inexcusable that Correa didn’t take third

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Tucker singles to RF…right fielder kicks it…misses it, tries to pick it up and drops it, kicks it again, throws wild to 2B…Correa jogs into 2B and stands there and watches the hilarity.

Diaz singles to CF…Correa jogs to 3B, Tucker to 2B

Bases loaded, nobody out for Jones…

Full count to Jones…flies out to deep RF…Correa scores, Tucker to 3B

Good job by Jones to drive that ball in the air.

Straw grounds into 4-3-6 double play…Tucker scores though

2-0 Astros