Rays @ Astros, September 29, 2001

That intro has me pumped.

Let’s do this.

Rays start with a K followed by an inside out double just over the 3B bag.

Followed by a wild pitch on a lazy attempt by Maldonado

WP advances runner.

Man that corner may have been clipped.

Change up would get Cruz here

Big K on Cruz.

Man, Garcia threw that fastball past him

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I’m hungry. Had two cups of cafe Cubano, and a hand rolled cigar.

2 out walk to Choi.

Grumble grumble.

Don’t get me started.

Um, that was a strike sir.

Swinging K ends the 1st.

This break brought to you by Julia’s Twitter feed:

That was quick.

Altuve F7 pop up

Brantley flies out sharply to left center

Bregman 0-2 to 3-2, F9 a few feet shy of the track

End 1

Glad Alex worked the count.

Even if he did take 95 dead center early.

That 4 seamer is straight as an arrow.

Gotta punish when he throws them center cut.

Another K to start the 2nd for Garcia.

Kiermaier 6-3.

Correa is smooth.

Like a glass of Cutty Sark.