Rays @ Astros, September 29, 2001

That was interesting.

Jesus Fucking Christ, Siri. Come on, man.

2 out triple.

Siri didn’t commit/ take charge.

Should have been a loud out.

That ball has to be caught

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Todd, come on man. That wasn’t a tough error, that was an absolutely shitty play.

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That’s an E8

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2 out 3 base error


Single to right.

1-0 Rays.

Fucking brutal.


Lau 2 run HR.


Fat spinner right down the pipe.

Way to bear down and pick up your team, Luis.

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E8, followed by a shiftfuck single on an 0-2 pitch, followed by a hanging fucking slider. What a shit show.

It was 1-2, but otherwise correct.

F9 mercifully ends the inning.

You owe me three fucking runs, Siri.


I’m not an anti Dusty - but he should have committed to Jake in Cf. His failure to give him consistent bats got the kid out of rhythm. Jake makes that play in CF 100 times out of 100 and this score is 0-0.


Any competent center fielder makes that play.

Don’t know what’s wrong with Meyers, but he got in Dusty’s dog house in a hurry.

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I formally request a hit before the 5th inning.