Rangers @ Astros, September 6, 2022

We’ve played two…it’s 3-1 Rangers

And for the love of all things great and small, can we please end the Matijevic Experiment

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Makes it 3-2

What was the challenge all about and where the hell is everybody?

Challenge was whether or not it was fan interference on the home run. It clearly was not, and the home run call was confirmed.

As for where everyone is, I assume drinking in a bar somewhere.

Fan interference was the challenge.

How does one take a mighty cut at a hanging slider and pop up to 2B?

Astros on the corners, one out…

Chas with an RBI fielder’s choice…new ballgame

I’m missing geography questions at trivia night.

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An E5 and a BB puts two on with two out.

After a shitty 2nd, Framber get it right back and pitches three scoreless and is at 66 pitches.

Way to kill that buzz.

What about me is on 80’s on 8 on Sirius right now. I’m impressed.

It’s a fine 80s pop song

This hasn’t been a defensive clinic

Frustrating way to end the streak

ETA: I thought it was runs allowed - earned is irrelevant?

Well, that sucked loudly.

I don’t think the QS streak is dead yet. If the reliever can get the third out here, I think that 4th run will be unearned.

He cannot keep from doing that. Happens most of the time.