Rangers @ Astros, September 2, 2020

Need to get back in the win column

Quick 7-pitch first for Javier.

No score


Springer walks

Altuve sucks


After the leadoff walk, Altuve hacking at the first pitch in his eyes and pops out to shallow CF

Wonder if Altuve is gonna finally … nope, first pitch pop up.


Brantley…0-2…1-2…2-2…homers to RF

Springer scores. 2-0 Astros

Uncle Mike!!


Gurriel…takes a strike a foot off the plate…ball…ball…pops to shallow RF

Holy crap that first pitch to Yuli.


Tucker grounds out 4-3

2-0 Astros

So someone can do PbP. I’m just gonna coast

Seaver died. Dementia and COVID.

Solak nearly hit by 2 of the first 3 pitches (breaking ball, FB), full count, F8

RIP, Tom Terrific.

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Brantley has hit 2 balls to the wall in right the last few games. Good to see he finally got the full power behind one.

Gallo Ks swinging

Andrus dodges another wayward slider, checks his swing, ball bounces to Yuli 3U.

Andrus never left the box.

Ouch. I hadn’t seen that.

Correa Ks swinging