Rangers @ Astros, September 2, 2020

Damn, Aledmys…what are you waiting for

My first (little kid) glove was a Catfish Hunter model.

My next one was a Tom Seaver model. Still have it.

Still remember his commercial where he talks about the doubleplay being called the pitcher’s best friend. Think of him whether I hear that phrase.

Reddick 3U
Díaz F9

End 2

2-0 Astros

Dietrich lines out to Yuli

Tejeda Ks swinging on 3 pitches

Seaver had the distinctive “drop and drive” pitching style. Back knee almost on the ground.

I remember my dad pointing out the dirt stain on Seaver’s knee Blummer mentioned.

Well, let’s make a call, boys

TV not on, but he should know.

Mathis hits one off the roof, fielded in fair territory by Díaz.

Ruled F5, much discussion, little movement, under review.

(Ground rule is roof is in play in fair territory)

Call stands.

Mathis may have gotten hosed, maybe not.

Correa was camped out with plenty of room in foul territory to catch it before the roof intervened.

Blummer mentioned the phrase “drop and drive” and said Seaver epitomized that.

One umpire missing. May be taking a shit.

Yes, Seaver did. First pitcher I can remember using it to such an extreme. “Tall and fall” is the other technique.

2B umpire now back from the head.

Waiting on 2BU…

Machete walks

2BU trots back into the field

Springer F8

Altuve 6-4 FC, throw to first beat him but the one hopper handcuffed 1B

Speaking of umps…HPU is wearing the wrong shirt.

He’s a Rangers fan