Rangers @ Astros, September 15, 2020

Clean shaven Urquidy…gets two quick outs and battles Kiner-Falefa…finally punches him out

Springer Dinger!

Leadoff home run.

A ring-a-ding Springer Dinger!

He hit the shit out of that ball.

Fucking Bomb.

455 feet.

I know BA isn’t all that but it’s weird to see one Astro w a BA above .280.

After one…1-0 Astros

Wish MLB TV would sync the radio broadcast w live video. Frustrating.


A good BA isn’t evil, either.

Now kindly get off my lawn.

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112 mph


Tucker with a leadoff single, Gurriel executes the hit and run with a single to RF, Tucker to 3B. Astros on the corners, nobody out fir Correa…



Correa walks to load the sacks…nobody out

today was not a good day to be a scout.

C’mon Josh, get some.

Ducks on the pond for Reddick…

Reddick grounds into 1-2-3 double play. Shitfuck.

Gotta be fucking kidding me.

That may have been the easiest 1-2-3 dp I’ve ever seen.