Rangers @ Astros, September 15, 2020

As easy as a-b-c.

Maldonado pops out.

That inning went right down the old johnny flusher.

Things I want to se tonight:

  1. Astros win
  2. Altuve hit the ball with authority.

Reddick is back to trying to pull everything, and he looks like shit.

1-2-3 3rd for Urquidy.

Let’s get back to work with the lumber. Try not to stomp your dicks this inning.

They mentioned this on the radio this afternoon.

1 pitch, career over.

Remember when Reddick was hitting well over .300 by just taking the ball to LF/CF?

I miss those times, last year, this year, etc…


Springer gets an extra swing on an E2, but lofts it to RF.

May be a disappointing night for you.

I hope you get your first wish.

That sucked.

Altuve has always hit. Minors Majors. Home Away. This year he has been pathetic.

He’s been awful.

I hope he gets it all out of his system this season.

He has the worst eye I’ve ever seen at the professional level.

Brantley with a 2-out double.

Brantley on the other hand…

Ranger catcher has an iron bar in his mitt. Two brutal plays.

Bregman with a walk puts Astros on the corners again…


At least they just got our hopes up with 2 baserunners that time.

In three innings…four hits, two walks, a home run, an error and a wild pitch Have yielded one measly run.

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