Rangers @ Astros Sept. 17

Let’s go get ‘em.

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No score after one as Astros again try to make mediocre pitcher look like an ace.

Did last night’s performance run everybody off?

Maybe the early start

I’m lurking around.

Waiting for the Rangers to put it out of reach with 2 runs in the 3rd or so.

The normal start time threw everyone for a loop.

Good to see the Mariners lose.



Holy shit, that ball hung in the air for an hour. I was sure Gallo was going to pull it back.

In retrospect, he was 4 full chairs distance off.

He timed his leap ok… but was 5 seats away from where the ball landed.

That was weird. Looked like it landed in the first row and he was just in the wrong place.

Josh continues to struggle.

A popup to left is (unfortunately) improvement.

This zone is considerably smaller then last night’s.

Also: Correa still has a cannon.

In his third game back from the IL Altuve hasn’t hit the ball hard yet.

He didn’t hit a ball hard for about three weeks before he went on the IL either.

That was unnecessarily interesting by Yuli.

Tucker is making progress. That and the young pitchers are about the only pluses.