Rangers @ Astros, June 16, 2021

Did I mention I hope the Rangers all choke on a foreskin?


Dotted that up with a fine point pen.

1-2-3 first for Greinke.

That strike three to Lowe was as good a 2-strike pitch as you’ll see. One lace clipped the zone.



Back 2 back jack!!

Altuve’s run production has dropped precipitously in his last 2 ABs.

Five RBI on his last three swings of the bat

Not sure when pitchers are going to learn they ain’t sliding the high cheese by Altuve.

Man, Bregman is fucking horrendous.

Bregman the Rally Killer goes to work early.

Hobbling Bregman.

Yeah, he’s headed for the IL

After one…1-0 Astros

Who needs Springer says Altuve.

Toro will come in for Bregman, I guess.

I have my suspicion that hammy hasn’t been right all season.


Isn’t that like his fifth leadoff HR this year?

Not counting, but there have been a bunch.

TK probably mentioned it, but I have the sound down.