Rangers @ Astros, June 16, 2021

Keep that guy healthy.

Garcia in at 3B for Bregman, not Toro.


I thought Toro as well.

Yordan is a large human.

What a pick up by Correa.

Man, I wish I had an arm like Correa. I coulda been somebody.

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Another good inning from Greinke.

So I think I heard that Tucker went to the IL (I guess that’s why Toro is up). Have they said what the cause of that is?

Health and wellness protocol

“Health and safety protocol”. So he can return as soon as he’s negative.

So a positive test for the disease whose name must not be spoken?

Not necessarily a positive test.


Correa drilled right between the “R”s. Umpires are conferencing…I guess no warnings or ejection.

Love that graphic on Correa’s clutch hits.

Drive the ball to right/center. Bagwell’s mantra.

Just from the way Lyles released it, it looked to me like something that just got away.

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Glad they didn’t overreact.

Besides the meeting.

Come on, Chas…lay off the slop.


2-run ding dong!

Chasmanian Devil?

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