Rangers @ Astros, July 24, 2024

Time to reach down and find a pair, boys.

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Astros in their Space City Clowns suits. Ugh.

2-out walk to Lowe on the 10th pitch

And Jung crushes a home run to LF

2-0 Rangers

There’s what a fucking 2 out walk will get you.

2-out, 2-strike, 2-run home run makes it 2-0

Astros coming to bat.

When do we get Yordan back?

2 out walk and he fell behind 2-0.

You give good hitting teams multiple looks when they know you’ve got to find the zone and you’ll have a long night.

Rangers found a pair in the first.

Dubon with a leadoff single on the first pitch

Holding my breath while Bregman bats …

Bregman with a knock, Dubon to 2B

Tucker walks…bases juiced for Abreu

Bases loaded. Is that good or bad?

Load em up.

OK, we’re on the board …

Abreu walks, Dubon scores

That was a very disciplined AB from Abreu.

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Bases still drunk for McCormick…still nobody out

Chas takes FULL advantage!