Rangers @ Astros, April13, 2024

Blanco walks a few, gives up a few hits. 2-0 Rangers after 0.5 innings.

Two on, one out for Diaz…

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Diaz grounds into 5U FC. Up to Peña…

Peña…full count…walks

Bases loaded for Singleton…

Singleton dribbles to 2B


Astros strand the bases loaded…2-0 Rangers after one.

Singleton’s best hope for an rbi there was a walk or hbp.

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At the game, was screaming to leave the bat on his shoulder

He got two meatballs down the middle and managed beat one into the ground at 34 mph.

Most predictable 1st inning ever

Singleton has no fucking business playing. I don’t give a damn what Loperfido’s strikeout rate is in AAA. Exile Singleton from the organization and call him up. He gives you a chance at the plate.

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Once Diaz didn’t drive a run in, you knew there was no chance.


Throw fucking strikes and stop gifting them baserunners.

Peña has actually been one of the few bright spots this season. Once it got to Singleton, no chance.

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I tuned in to see the score (deflated) just as Peña walked to load the bases (maybe a chance?) then saw Singleton was coming up (abandoned all hope).

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Peña wasn’t gonna get shit to hit with Singleton on deck.


Nice 6-4-3

I understood your reasoning behind the comment. Just was hoping Heaney would make a mistake to Jeremy.

Altuve with a single to leadoff the third

Yordan with a single, Altuve to 2B

Tucker flies out, Altuve to 3B

On the corners for Diaz…