Rangers @ Astros, April 14, 2023

First foray into the division

Garcia on the bump

4-pitch walk to Semien starts us off. Ugh

Not close on a single pitch.

C’mon man

Dallas announcers are talking about Garcia touching his face, “after every pitch”

F8 as Semien moves to 2B

Get yer shit together, Luis!

There’s a button for that


They pimp the Rangers. Have some empathy.

Why on God’s green earth are you listening to the Arlington announcers?

Fat as hell.

Double makes it 1-0 Rangers

Lead off walks, man.

Sometimes I like to listen to the other guys.

Tonight was a bad idea.

Popup ends the first. But the leadoff walk bites Garcia in the ass.

1-0 Rangers

Quid pro quo, Clarice.

Chas works a leadoff walk. Let’s see if the Astros can return the pain.

Bregman with a deep fly ball, but McCormick uninterested in advancing.

I like Alex’s hair.

Gives a 90’s vibe. Just needs a goatee.

And I thought that was better hit. Oh well.

Yordan chasing slop for the second out