Rangers @ Astros, April 14, 2023

Abreu watches strike one, watches strike two, watches strike three. Astros squander their leadoff walk. 1-0 Rangers after one.

Well that fizzled in a hurry.

We’re gonna need to be vaunting big-time if Luis doesn’t get his shit together.

2-out triple for Jankowski

Just get this last out

Middle of two…1-0 Rangers

Taking fat pitches so you can hack at slop is not a recipe for vaunting

Peña draws a 2-out walk

Dubon singles…en fuego

Peña to 3B


Maldy grounds into a FC on the first pitch. Astros strand a pair. 1-0 Rangers

I don’t really understand what Dubon is doing but I like it.

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Inside out. Letting the ball travel. Hitting it where it’s pitched. Not trying to do too much. All of the above. Most of his hits have been to RF. He’s had a good approach.

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Good 2-2 changeup gets Semien this time.

That was strike 3

A 2-out walk. Oh goodie.

Balk sends Lowe to 2B. Jeebus

The fuck just happened?

And a stolen ba-alk.

Double makes it 2-0. Fuck