Postseason 2020

I guess it starts with days off for some regulars today. Ideas on starters for Games 1-2-3? Today, we are lined up to play the Twins.

My guess would be Greinke, Urquidy, then Valdez for a Game 3, if you manage to get that far. That’s probably how I’d play it.

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As unenjoyable as much of this season has been for Astros fans, it’s refreshing to read our old friend Pinwheel on the Marlins: For some fans this will be a special season.

Last night was the most 2020 of all 2020. Guzman off Presley was a knife to the heart and then a drop kick to the face with Paredes. I go to sleep spitting nails only to wake up to the Angels loss. Sucks when there is no joy in reaching the post season.

In truth, we have no business being in the playoffs. Which, 2020, is why we will likely win the World Series.

No ghost runners.

No 7 inning games.

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hope they run with it and show people

With the 3-game series, how fast is the hook for a starter?

Win every game now. Do not think about tomorrow. No plan. Win today.


I just noticed that the Astros by a comfortable margin have the worst record of any AL post season team yet they are seeded 6th of 8.

Seems legit.

The “wild card” teams are seeded 7th and 8th. Having a wild card team seeded below a division qualifier, even if they have a better record, is not new.


Tues 1 PM on ABC
Wed 12 PM on The Deuce

I think game 3 TBD

Game 3?

Ever the optimist!

Yeah, sure, go ahead and walk on the sunny side and all that. Melanoma is no joke.

I was just too lazy to type “if necessary”

Seems like we’ve been getting the early mid-week day game since 1997.

consistency and consulting the yankees to make it so

Not sure we have anything to complain about this year. Under .500 and in the playoffs. Holy cow.


I guess there’s only one thing to do:

Win the whole fuckin’ thing.