Pimply Misshapen Asses @ Astros - 16 Jun 23

Who then steals 2B on a pickoff attempt. Holy shit that was bad France.

Sheeee-it. That’s annoying.

The throw to first works better if the runner isn’t already sliding into second.

I’m in favor of referencing Simmons before he was high on his own farts.

Middle of four…neither team with a hit…no score.

He was really, really good and suddenly really really unbearable.

By the time he parted ways with blee bles blpee blen I was done with both of them.

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This hpu can’t decide where the outside corner is.

Tucker with a flair single!

Mortar shot

Tucker swipes 2B

Abreu walks…two on for Diaz…

And Diaz doesn’t build on it

Through four…0-0

Benson with an infield single for the pimple asses.

Another E6. Awesome

Holy crap Jeremy

Tough hop

Yeah blue has no idea where the edge is.

Attaboy JP

Chas with a knock

And Maldy walks on strike three. Good grief, ump