Pimply Misshapen Asses @ Astros - 16 Jun 23

I just wanted to make the thread. Fuck the Reds!

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Where’s their phenom?

Nick Senzel returned Friday from a knee injury just in time to start at third base in the opener of a series against the reigning-champion Houston Astros and give rookie sensation Elly De La Cruz his first game off since he debuted June 6.

Wow, Justin Turner just hit a grand slam to put Boston up 10-1… in the 3rd.

Dubón: there’s a difference between protecting with 2 strikes and swinging at balls headed for the on deck circle.

Bregman is infuriating as hell. He works himself into a hitters count so he can take a cripple fastball down the middle and a hanging curve down the middle. He simply cannot stand to have to count in his favor.

France dotted the hell out of that one.

A baserunner! A TE6, but a baserunner nonetheless

We can build on this.

Hold on there, turbo

No double play.

That’s a start.

Well that aged like milk left in the trunk of your car

Jeebus Dubón.

Not a fan of the 2-out sac bunt?

“We can build on this” is a call back to Bill Simmons way back when he was at the workdwide bleeder.

He had a running gag of anytime the jets did something (like blow a game for the millionth time) Herm Edwards would say “we can build on this”.

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That’s an extremely esoteric reference. I love it.

He’s safe


Yeah pretty much for my own amusement.

Reds get their own baserunner via TE6