We’re going to Pennsylvania in May. We’ll spend a couple of days in Philly, then drive to Wilmington for the shad run (you can’t miss the shad run), then Gettysburg and State College, then fly out of Pittsburgh after a Pirates game. It’ll cover 8 days, and the Phillies aren’t in town when we’re there which I count as a plus. I’ve never been any of these places. Anything we shouldn’t miss?

Gettysburg is great, and I loved Pittsburgh.


I’ve only been to Pittsburgh, which I thought was pretty cool. There was a place there downtown that made good meatballs. Went there for a football game, and Heinz Field is pretty awesome, but it was not during baseball season. Would love to catch a game at PNC.

The ballpark and its setting are beautiful.

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If you’re so inclined, there’s a road that follows the Allegheny river up into the national forest, which is a beautiful drive. Not much else up there other than scenery, but it’s pretty fucking good scenery. The road criss-crosses the river as you go.

As a Texan, you might venture as far as Titusville to see the Drake #1 well, where Col. Drake drilled the world’s first commercial oil well. If you do, be sure to be notably below the speed limit anywhere around Titusville. The local PD has 3 (at least) Dodge Chargers that do nothing but write tickets.

I love Pittsburgh!! I think i had some fun times there. There is a Clark bar by the stadiums that was fun. Church Brew works was good eats, also liked by Musgrove. Lidia’s is a great place to eat but has apparently closed. And then a favorite is primonti’s.

There’s another place for perogis that is under a bridge that’s a local place that was really good. I’ll get the name for you.

I also highly recommend a trip to Falling Waters.

I need to go visit my friends there.

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I got wounded there when we went. Possibly the worst bruise i ever got. But it is a great place. The cemetery is a special place.

BG, if you tell people you were “wounded at Gettysburg,” they will not believe you are that old. I, however, will have no problem if I say the same thing.

I agree. Just miss Philly and you’ll be fine.

Jim, too, was wounded at Gettysburg. But that was a different time…

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Merely a flesh wound…

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They got most of the arm sewn back on, and it was the left arm anyway.

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Monterrey Bay Fish Grotto is a delightful restaurant atop the mountain across the river from downtown Pittsburgh. Great food and great views.

I agree that Falling Water is a must-see in the area. Also the Warhol and Lewis & Clark Museums are great.


This is the bridge place I was going to recommend.

The BBT.

That’s a bummer.

Barnes Foundation is excellent if you are in to Impressionism, Post-Impressionism and Modernist art. Rodin Museum is pretty good if that suits your fancy.

Yes – This is a must.

The Youghiogheny (pronounced Ohio-Gainy) River Trail (about 25 miles south) is worth a side trip – beautiful walk through dense trees along the white-water river.

If you are a fan of funiculars, the Dusquesne Incline is a must.