Padres @ Astros, September 10, 2023

France walks the bases loaded in the first, but wiggles out of it.

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End of one, no score

Nice running catch to end the 2nd by Chas.

I didn’t think McCormick was going to get to that one when I first saw the trajectory.

I don’t think he did either

He skipped the nanner puddin at breakfast.


Better 2nd inning - 3 outs on 7 pitches compared to 28 pitches in the 1st…

I don’t know if Chas got that or not, but it was a heck of an effort regardless.

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Placing him at first is interesting there.

He really puddin’ the effort.

I’m guessing the umpire made the out call so play officially stopped there.

Big K there. Now follow through.

Nice dp

He followed through.

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It’s the Chas show

Look at the fat man go!

Running burns calories

Get that boy some oxygen!

Research shows that the exhale actually gets them out of the system, otherwise it would just convert back to stored energy. Or something.