Padres @ Astros, September 10, 2023

Tuve & the Twotones

Can you imagine if Altuve had gotten a full season of this?

Score some runs, boys, so Dusty will use this lineup again.


Most shocking thing about that bomb was that Diaz walked in front of him

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You sure this is how it works?

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Come on, JP, let’s get back in the (strike) zone.

Hope springs eternal, Charles.

Missed the spot but got the (correct) call.

Its the Tucker show.

2 swipes left and 4 smacks makes Kyle a 30/30 guy

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Abreu gets it done.

With help from the E5.

Chas must’ve worn out several washing machines as a kid.

Walk, SB, SB, E5 gets you a run. The smallest of small ball

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Probably traded for everyone’s pudding cups in the cafeteria

Nice catch, Tucker!

I’ll be glad to see Profar leave town.

Long distance 4-6-3

Sweet DP!

He can’t leave MLB soon enough. Odor too.

I wonder if he dreams of a career where he faced the Astros every day.