OWA Fantasy Football

After a year off due to COVID, who is interested in playing?

I’m down


Sure, why not. (translation - please take my money)

Always delighted to enjoy outstanding sportsmanship and warm camaraderie.

I may like to join y’all this year if there’s room. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind another wallet to pick from.

I’m up for it if I’m invited

Thanks for the interest, guys. Let me see who is returning to play, and if we have some open spots, they can be yours. I’ll keep you updated.


Anyone else interested in playing?

@Ty_in_Tampa @Idstrosfan

Congrats, you both have spots for this season as long as you still want them.

I’m in. Just send the info or a link.

Here’s a link to join:

If that doesn’t work, just send me your email and I’ll invite you to take over one of the teams not returning.

We still need at least 2 or 3 more to signup, don’t we?

Yeah. If we get one more, we can play with eight and adjust our starting lineups accordingly, if we absolutely had to. Ideally, I’d like three more owners to get to 10.

@MusicMan said he will play, so that gets us to eight, at least.

After a long absence from the forums I’m back and I’m in for FF.

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I suppose a reason is needed to watch this season, so I’m in if you would be gracious enough to have me back.

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Glad to have you here on the forum and continuing to participate in the league.

You’ll always have a spot as long as you want to play, so welcome back. Happy to have you still in the league.

Right now, I have our live draft scheduled for Tuesday, August 31 at 7:30 p.m. central time. If that date/time doesn’t work for anyone, please let me know. (I would like to draft sometime between Monday Aug. 30 and Thursday September 2, if possible).