Out for a while

I saw this morning that the earlier guess on resumption of the season Memorial Day weekend might be a little optimistic, and that the current viewpoint of clubs is that it’ll be sometime in June. They’re trying to come to grips with the desire to minimize shortening the season, and one outcome I saw was playing the World Series in December at neutral closed stadiums.

I’m going to refrain from judgement of Manfred on these things. They’re trying to choose from a bunch of bad choices with limited information.

and no one should expect things to be “normal” for awhile.

My work has shut down until after Easter, with all of us working from home. Wife and kids are home for spring break if not longer. I’ve lost count of the arguments we’ve had about whether they should leave the house to do this or that. Wife is mad at me for telling her she can’t go to her group workouts. Kids are mad at me for telling them they can’t go over to friends’ houses or playgrounds or whatever.

It’s only 10:30am on the Monday of spring break. If Round Rock ISD cancels classes next week then we might not survive this, whether we get the virus or not.

I have bad news for you. You’ll be lucky if kids go back to school during the month of April.

AISD till April 3, minimum. This isn’t how I foresaw the apocalypse. I’d hug a zombie right now.

Harris county just closed all bars and clubs for 15 days. Restaurants must be take out/delivery only. No seated service.

And HISD extended its close until at least April 13.

RRISD the same within a half hour of my earlier post. Intra-household relations have improved here, although there is still a measurable amount of resentment.

I don’t understand why your kids would be resentful of YOU, but my kid’s only five so I guess I’ll find out in due time.

They are being forced to stay home and play on their screens instead of going to friends’ houses or other fun places. I know, I can’t believe it either.

Starting tomorrow I’m “sheltering-in-place” for the next three weeks. Will get a lot of yard work done and the garage cleaned maybe.

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A lot of places were starting to go to-go only before. I was receiving emails before word came down.

It’s the right decision.

I too decided yesterday to “hunker down.” I will go on necessary trips, but I will not do usual social outings for the time being. My initial project is picking an All-Time Raup team from the nine HS baseball teams I coached.

I am pretty much housebound by choice and family concern Thankfully my family has me stocked with tp food and good company,(target was limiting the purchase of the now more valuable than gold toilet paper to one per …which would have good had other stores practiced that) Luckily all my children are adults but both my grand children have declared they are at the point of insanity.

Right now my drive-thru is proving the salvation of my coffee shop and its five employees. Area restaurants here in Western North Carolina are shutting down or going to-go only. I haven’t received any guidance from anyone, so we are following the lead of Uncle Starbucks and other local shops.

The economy here is almost entirely tourism and service. I don’t understand what’s expected to happen when all these waiters, baristas and bellhops can no longer pay rent or buy groceries.

Read today that one democratic plan in the Senate called for $4500 worth of direct cash payments be made to Americans, but quarterly and not beginning until October. Hah. Romney’s idea of $1000 now seems much more attuned to the reality on the ground. Most people I know live paycheck-to-paycheck.

Schiff advocated for $1000/adult and $500/child, per month (I think), but I don’t know how quickly that could possibly start.

Money, shmoney. I am now faced with the unfortunate reality that my gym is now permanently closed and I am teleworking all day 20 feet from the refrigerator.

Get in my belly!

Mrs Dithers and I were already homeworkers, so there’s not too much stir crazy going on here, although her job had her out in the field a couple days a week and she’s coming to grips with being home all the time. Our normal routine was to go out for drinks on Friday, and a movie or nice lunch on Saturday, but that’s all on hold. Now we only go to Kroger.