Opening Day OWA Event

I received the email below, but I really do not have time to organize the group game.

I welcome anyone who can take it over doing so.

BudGirl (aka Leslie)

Group tickets for the 2020 season are on sale now!

As an Astros Group ticket leader, you have first priority in selecting your group seats before they become available to the general public.

The 2020 Astros home schedule is once again packed with exciting match-ups you won’t want to miss, beginning with Opening Day on Thursday, March 26th against the LA Angels. The Yankees and the Red Sox both come to town in May and the Mets and Phillies highlight interleague play. Plus, every AL West game is sure to be intense as the Astros look to capture their fourth consecutive division title.

Lower level inventory is extremely limited and dates fill up fast, so don’t wait to reach out. Please send me an email or give me a call at the information below to secure your 2020 Group Event today.

Thanks again for bringing your group out to the ballpark this year and we look forward to hosting you again in the upcoming season.

Thank you and Go Astros!

Patrick McDermott
(713) 259-8743

Opening day as a group is a big deal to me and I know it is for several others. I hate to see this go by the wayside so if no one else wants to do it I will. I have experience at organizing things when I have to but I have traditionally preferred to let others do stuff for me. Does it mostly consist of surveying who wants to go, purchasing the tickets, and then collecting money?

Okay, I’m taking a survey of who wants to attend opening day as part of a group. Looks like I’m going to be heading this up. Who is in? Please respond with how many tickets you are interested in.

I’m in for one

2 please.

I’m in for one

2 if Mark can go. He can respond to his work situation. 1 if he cannot.

I have spoken with the ticket sales person Patrick and he has temporarily blocked 20 seats all in one row in section 309. That is the third base side of the stadium just past third base. We need to act fast because tickets are going fast. They are $117 each (ouch). This game is against the Angels with their new manager and new third baseman. They should be much more formidable this year and the Good Guys need our support. So far we are still not half way to our goal of 20 tickets. I’ve got 9 or 10 commitments for so far.

Sphinx 4
Hudson Hawk 1
Ron Brand 1
NeilT 4
Ty 2
MusicMan 1
BudGirl 2
Jim Raup 1 or 2
Mr Happy 2

ETA: Hap

Two for Mr. Happy.

We have 20 tickets purchased for Opening Day. Looks like 18 (or 19) are spoken for. We will have row 4 in section 309. Tickets are $117 each. The tickets will be delivered through the MLB Ballpark App when ready and I will confirm payment information before delivery. Sorry if anyone didn’t have time to decide but I was told they were going fast and we had to act right away.

I"m relieved to see there is a strong demand with all the crap going on.

Marty, I just remembered I cannot go to OD this year because I will be on a trip. I will check with Mark, but my guess is both Raups will miss this year’s festivities. Sorry!

I’m still in.

Unfortunately, no opening day for me this year.

Midweek opener makes it hard…

I wouldn’t say I’m THAT excited about it.

I was counting on you, MM, to bring the trash can.