Opening Day 2024: Yankees at Astros

We doing a thread or what? Fuck it, I do it myself

We’re trying the chat feature. But feel free to rant here too

Framber puts up a zero around a walk with a double play

He’s baaaack!

I saw Waldo mention that, but I don’t see the “chat bubble”. Where is it?

Ugh, chatrooms are ass, not matter now select the clientele


Top of the page…next to the maginifying glass

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You haven’t seen our chatroom

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I tried, I’ll try again, I just loved the format and back-and-forth of the GZ

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“It has everything…” - Stefon


You get the same back and forth…just new and improved!

I liked the pace in the GZ, not where I step away for a minute and then have to go read the 743 posts that happened while I was checking the grill.

This is not a knock on Waldo or anything, it’s just me. I’ll get used to it. Eventually.

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Ok, boomer


I can’t find any chat. At least not on my phone.

Huh. It’s on mine

You have to subscribe to it first. Go to the chat bubble and then list the available chats and select the one you want.

Jake HR


Baseball is supposed to be that way.

Frambling Man - He will be the death of me.

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Ok Boomer, says the guy who has a fetish for vinyl