Opening Day 2023

Wake up mother fuckers it’s opening day!

Pena SS
Bregman 3B
Alvarez LF
Abreu 1B
Tucker RF
Diaz DH
Meyers CF
Maldonado C
Dubon 2B

At least Dubon isn’t leading off I guess? I don’t want to get on Dusty so early but START HENSLEY Dusty, please.


Gotta give the vets their reward.

I just figured out that the game’s on ESPN. Welp, hello Fordy and Sparky.


FWIW, Hensley didn’t look so great the last few times I saw him in ST. Maybe Dusty wants him to have a softer intro than last year’s Cy Young.

Anyone up for a group chat via a platform like Teams or Zoom tonight?


I might be

Oops. Yeah, forgot about that one guy…

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Wouldn’t be able to join until after 7 but I can probably join

Anyone know what the rings look like? I haven’t seen one yet.

Same here, as that’s around the time I’ll be home from work.

Dubon is a much better defender. Framber will likely appreciate that.

I got a thing tonight but I can join in for the later innings.

I just asked Mrs Hawk who Cody Johnson was. She said “he’s a professional bowler”.

I made her margarita a little spicy tonight.

Karl Ravech is the voice of Sunday Night Baseball? Criminy.

Goddamn, Meghan’s shed some pounds.

Megan The Stallion got some junk in the trunk.

Juuuuust a little outside.

Machete got some hair extensions?

And dropped a lot of weight