Oakland at Houston, September Thirteen, Twenty-Twenty-Three

Alvarez LF
Brantley DH
Diaz C
Singleton 1B
Meyers CF

Hunter Brown on the mound.

I’d like to order a round of vaunting for the house.

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I’m doing everything different today.

Also ‘differently’

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Peña with hops

Brown with a 1-2-3 first.

Altuve hacking…pops up

Peña hacking…strikes out on bouncing sliders 9ft off the plate

Alvarez lines out softly

No score after one

Another popcorn fart of an inning.

Brown with another clean inning.

Bregman draws a leadoff walk

Tucker caught looking

Brantley pops to CF

Diaz with a soft bouncer to SS that eats Gelof’s lunch. Bregman to 3B

On the corners, two out for Singleton…who grounds out softly 4-3

Astros leave a pair. No score

Brown clean again.

No score

Hey offense: stop sucking.

Astros have hit one ball hard this series, and that was a line out by Yordan.

Altuve draws a 1-out walk

That sounds pretty far fetched.

One seems high.

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