Oakland at Houston, September Thirteen, Twenty-Twenty-Three

Peña, who has not hit a home run since July 5th, walks

What?!?! The game started earlier than I realized.

Two on for Alvarez…

Now would be a good time for the heart of the order to stop sucking.



Astros grab a 3-0 lead…first lead of the series!

Yordan!!! YeHaw!

Glad you could fuckin make it. Finally.

Can we call time out and go home now?

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What was the reason for the early start?

Getaway night

Go into the Four Corners.



Yes!!! I’ll take another round.

Back 2 delayed back jack

Tucker didn’t get the memo.

Yeah way to kill the vibe Kyle.

Brantley singles

Diaz grounds into FC

But the Astros finally put up a big inning offensively, lead 4-0 after three.

This should go without saying, but it’s kind of important for Brown to not give runs right back here.