NYE alone

Not leaving the house tonight. Bowie and I and no company. When is it not too early for The First Beer?

1:06 pm


Beer before 7:30 am is not indicated unless you are fishing. After that, you’re fine.

Mrs. Hawk and I will have wine and cheese tonight, possibly sit outside with a fire in the chiminea, if the rain finally stops. We will try to make midnight, but will not get worked up about it. Tomorrow is my favorite eating day of the year (which is saying something), so I will look forward to that, along with the final college football of the season.


Were it not for this gluten free diet i’m on, i would be joining you right now in opening a bottle of beer. Have to settle for a glass of pinot grigio instead.

Cheers to a better 2021!


Ditch the diet. It is NYE.

After approval by HH, OWA’s version of Ask Heloise, I opened a bottle of my favorite variety of PintHouse Pizza’s Jaguar Shark, which is a seasonal release stout. Enchantment Under The Sea 2020-so fucking awesome.

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I’m on the Jim Plan tonight as well…me and the dog. Just cracked open the first Real Ale Coffee Porter…got a homemade pizza and a bottle of wine on deck for later.

Me and Mrs banedoodle will be cracking open the festivities with a ceremonial shot of Bulleit Rye here in a moment, followed by a litany of primarily session IPAs from local craft breweries, and eventually a little sharer of not entirely bullshit sparkly. A neighborhood couple we are friendly with will be attending our commodious front porch and the bevy of appetizers thereupon. Happy New Years, all!


RA’s Coffee Porter is a fantastic choice.

I’ve got some Sputnik (Austin Beerworks’ Winter Seasonal Russian Imperial Coffee Oatmeal Stout) variants on deck for this evening, and a few other tasty treats.

I have some Coffee Porters, some Sputniks, and thanks to Santa Mark, I have some varieties of Sputnik and other delicious beers. If I started this early, though, I will not get too far into them. Too bad parties are verboten; my beer frig is healthy for once. I am ok with living alone by now, but being alone on NYE sucks.

It’s been my go-to winter beer for years now, since I know I can always get it up here, finding any of the good microbrews is totally hit-and-miss at Spec’s and HEB.

I feel like this is asking the Pope if he has a funny hat, but…do you have one (or more) of those growler kegs that you fill up at the local beer place, and it has a carbonation thing so it stays fresh for like a week? Not that you would let it sit there that long. We had a work virtual Christmas party a few weeks ago, and my boss, who lives mostly in Oregon, had like three of them sitting on the table. He was alone. At any rate, I’m considering one, but wasn’t sure if it was really worth it.

To HH: a guy in Scottsdale showed me one of those a couple of years ago, and he thought it was great. I was all set to buy two, but the Pope did not say “Yeah! Do it.” I did not buy them then, and now I do not remember where I found them.

Where is here?

My take on them:

They are pretty cool, and they do actually work to an extent, but they are not worth the cost unless you’re a beer sipper and not beer drinker.

If the price point has come down at all, I’d say go for it. They definitely keep beer fresh for at least a week or two.

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Marble Falls

Jim & HH: Only one I’ve ever seen was one of these when a buddy brought it from Jester King out to the ranch…it worked, and seemed cool, but it didn’t have to work very long between 4 guys. They have fancy looking home models on the website

I’m about to pick up a sack of oysters from Airline Seafood. Tonight we’ll be having oyster stew, oysters on the half shell, and grilled oysters. Accompanied by lots of champagne.


I am on my way. Love to your bride.

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Both Front Yard and Family Business out your way make some really good brews as well.

I can’t speak to your specific liquor stores, but I’d be at least slightly shocked if they didn’t stock either.

Front Yard does a great coffee milk stout that I can personally speak to.

Ditto re Front Yard coffee milk stout!

I wish you were. Sharing a bunch of beers and oysters with you would be a fine way to herald the new year.

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