News & Notes from the AL West

Will be fun to see if he can stay healthy…

Using a technique the Astros have long used in their minor league system, the Rangers are employing a tandem approach for two of their starting rotation slots. It was successful for them today as they picked up their first win of the season behind ex-Astro Jordan Lyles and tandem-mate Wes Benjamin (righty paired with a lefty).

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A’s lose again to the Dodgers to go 0-6.

Worst start for the franchise since…oh…1916.

On the whole, I think they would rather be in Philadelphia.

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Another possible blow for the A’s…

And one the Astros may have avoided…

On the Mariners’ broadcast they’re saying James Paxton is done for the year after exiting a game a couple of days ago with forearm/elbow discomfort.

Saw a blurb saying TJ surgery has been recommended.

Glad Click ignored my dumbass and went with Odorizzi.

What a turnaround. Just won their 11th straight.

Astros are now the cellar dwellers in the division.

Deservedly so. They are notably worse than the shit sandwich that is the Rangers currently.

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Sounds like 2017.


I love second fewest Ks.

I wish the copycats around MLB would pay attention to that.

True outcomes my ass.


They would just say “they must be cheating again.”


He’ll probably implode but nice cheap bullpen pickup by the Halos…

I hope they can pull off the highest average, lowest K dualfecta again. It’ll be a great way to add real baseball insight into the inane cheating convos I have as an Astros fan amongst the infidel. “They did it in 2021 and, you know what? They even did it in 2017 as well when their ill-conceived cheating plan actually made it harder to do so!”.

That’s really disappointing.

He’s such a prodigious talent. We’re robbed of something special when he can’t play.

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Have to admit my first reaction to seeing the news this morning was “who the hell is Spencer Turnbull?”.

So 5th no-hitter of the year and May is not even over yet. Most no-hitters in a season in the modern era is seven.

Pretty incredible this stat…