New Manager Search

Bochy would be a pretty great hire. Not sure how Crane pulls that off.

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For the love of all that sacred, don’t let it be Bannister.


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Please, please, please don’t let it be Banister, Baker, Venable or Ibanez. Bochy would be a coupe. Showalter would be temporary. Espada would be safe.

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Basically what I was just saying to my wife, although I’m not huge on Buck. She almost threw up when Bannister was mentioned.

If they hire Banister, that may actually end my Astro fandom.

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Seriously…someone needs to get the word out to anyone who may have Crane’s ear. Hiring Banister is an absolute fucking trainwreck and a kick in the balls to every Astros fans who are already down. Surely Crane can’t hate us THAT much.

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What is Ausmus up to these days? Is he a failed manager?

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What about Biggio? That would certainly be popular with the fan base. I like Ausmus too.

So is the manager gonna get hired before the GM?

Better have some impeccable bona fides if so.

My dream would be Bochy.

Showalter could suck the fun out of Christmas. He’s a red ass and I doubt he’d mesh well with this club full of accomplished players.

First scheduled interview will be with John Gibbons, former manger of the Blue Jays. The two will meet and talk tomorrow according to reports.

There is near-zero chance Crane hires a strong GM- he’s going down the Jerry Jones path.

Gibbons and Showalter? Eh. If they’re going the “experienced” route, I’d much rather it be Dusty.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but Gibbons seems like a remarkably poor clubhouse choice, doesn’t it?

The cynical point of view is Crane must make sure he completes as many minority manager interviews as possible.

who ever they choose hope they let the astros be themselves

What about Gibby makes you think he would be a poor clubhouse choice? I don’t remember anything particularly negative about him. Personally, I’ve always liked him in interviews.

I’d like to find a way to have the cake and eat it too. Don’t want to lose Espada and hope he stays on staff. But I think at this time, given the circus this coming season is about to be from the questions at spring training to each visit to a new city on the road, we need an experienced manager. Just not Bannister. Bochy has said he isn’t interested. Talk to Buck, Dusty and Gibby and make the best call off the interview and let’s get going.