New GM search

First name I have heard.

He and Bochy were with the Giants together for a long time.

Completely on the I wonder level…interesting if Bochy’s interest in the Stros manager opening would be piqued if Evans was hired as GM.

He was also in SF while Baker was manager there. Just saying…

Going by the replies to the tweet from Giants and Dodger fans… not sure Evans is a great choice. Lots of, he’d be a worse punishment for the Astros then what MLB gave them.

New report says Astros interested in Peter Woodfork for GM. He currently works in the Commissioner’s office as VP of baseball operations. He was previously assistant GM in Arizona.

Sounds like Crane is going to do everything he’s told to do by Manfred.


So new names starting to come up for the GM position. James Click from the Rays is intriguing to me. The Rays seem to have a solid organization that knows how to build from within. Of the early names to come up, he’s my favorite based on what little I know.

I don’t know much about Click, but the Rays have been a terrific organization in recent years. They are hamstrung by so many things from payroll, to stadium, to attendance, to TV deals…by any traditional measure, they should not be successful. Ever. But they find ways to put a quality team on the field. Someone is doing something right over there.

It’s Click:

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Good choice, I hope.

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God I hope so.

This thing can’t die on the vine.

I like it.

I like this too Waldo. They were doing something right in Tampa with little to work with. We need to rebuild our system as best we can.

Great, great hire, in my opinion. The Rays have been making chicken salad out of chicken shit for year.

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I like that Crane recognized the role analytics has played in the Astros recent success and wants to stay the course.

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I was happy to read that Rays ownership lamented the loss of Click. The news of this hire is a welcome bit of good news, IMO. The team has some critical personnel decisions on the horizon.

Count me in as being happy with this choice. Not that I know much about him specifically, but knowing he’s coming from a good organization is nice.

Now with all that out of the way, bring on spring training!

This is excellent. The weeping and gnashing of teeth in Tampa Bay speaks volumes. Really great move by crane; hiring excellent people is a key indicator of sustained excellence. Finally, a tiny glimmer of hope in this otherwise horrible Void.

About 2/3 of the way through the podcast, good stuff. He seems sharp but humble and personable. The quote below really stuck out to me.

Analytics isn’t necessarily about quantitative information. Analytics is about a test-and-learn mindset…about making sure that what you know is something that is provable, it’s scientific in a lot of ways.