Music 2023

Holy shit man, that’s awesome.

I downloaded your EP on Apple Music. So when you see your bank account swell by 0.00000001¢…you’re welcome.

Fantastic. Thanks for sharing that!!

Much appreciated! That’s $0.000001 more than we had before.

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That’s the spirit!

That’s great Matt! Looks like a fun tour.

Was there ever any internal strife with Fleetwood Mac?


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They were paragons of virtue and civility both in and out of the band. There are 3 different incarnations of Jeebus in the band for extra caring, loving of neighborness and healing. It’s how they roll.

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That photo encapsulates the 70s so well for me.

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How high are you right now?

About 5’10"



Not sure why this popped up on my YouTube feed this morning, and it’s not from 2023, but having my coffee and breakfast cigar:


I really, really want to go see Stop Making Sense in a theater. Not sure yet where it’s playing on a great screen/sound around Austin.


The Blang label continues its unbroken streak of putting out fun music from the most unexpected people.

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They had a good run, but they’re not going to survive this.

Popular music. Societal decline. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this song before. And I’d be willing to bet some of those Federalist folks were listening to the same music I was.


You know that’s what kills me–a lot of these folks that are all up in arms about drag shows etc are about my age (56) and I KNOW they all watched MTV during what was probably the most ‘out’ decade in music history and you know they all had Boy George or Twisted Sister posters and albums and probably still listen to that music. So why was it ok then?

I can’t believe I got suckered into starting that article. It’s the opposite of an insightful American cultural critique. The writer needs to focus.