Music, 2022

That would be the non-existent “Music 2023” thread. This one is for last month’s music.

Is dub-step still a thing?


God, I hope not.

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Substances may have been involved.


Debunked by snopes years ago…

Objection: no praising of Johnny Greenwood can ever be unearned.

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Johnny Greenwood or Lee Greenwood?

Objection: someone said Lee Greenwood in the same breath as Johnny Greenwood.


Why do you hate America?


At least you know you’re free

Spending three minutes tuning a guitar takes a special kind of skill.


My daughter introduced me to this band in 2022. If you like great vocals and tight horns in encourage you to give Lawrence The Band a listen.

Although fake, this reminds me of when H. Jon Benjamin recorded a jazz album in which he plays piano, despite not knowing how to play piano.

I can’t find the exact article now, but years ago I read an article in which the writer played the album for several music critics but didn’t let them in on the joke. Their responses were exactly as pretentious as you might imagine.


That is wonderful.

My daughter got off work early yesterday in College Station and drove down to the Heights theater to see the Lone Bellow. Surprise act was Robert Ellis. Great live show! I was a bit jealous.

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