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Major League Baseball pitchers and catchers will have the option of using devices aimed at curbing sign-stealing this season, sources told ESPN’s Buster Olney.

The league is expected to green-light the use of the device, known as PitchCom, which consists of a pad with buttons on the catcher’s glove-hand wrist. The catcher can use the pad to signal pitch types and locations directly to the pitcher on the mound through a listening device.

Up to three teammates will also have access to the relayed signals, which will help with fielding positions.

Sounds good to me.


A decade late but I’ll take it.

Now back to giant bases and instituting a point after attempt following homeruns.


You know, boys and girls, there is nothing “illegal” about stealing signs. That tactic has gone on since the earliest days and is a part of the game just as signs are.

The “illegality” the dastardly Astros used was a camera in real time. This new innovation strives to eliminate something which is perfectly legal. The next thing you know baseball will try to manufacture runs for a team by putting a runner in scoring position by executive fiat. What??? The hell you say.

Sign stealing is part of the game, and illegal sign stealing is nothing new. Still, the reliance on physical signs and prohibitions agains electronic communication between the catcher and pitcher seems artificial.

To me the greater loss than sign-stealing is the great fun that ensues when the signs get bollywogged between the catcher and pitcher.

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Of course, but the video sign-stealing arms race has gotten to a point that the only viable solution (at least as I see it) is to make signs unpickable. It’s subjective, but I think sacrificing legitimate sign-picking is worth it to clean up the problem.

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You probably like the ghost runner too.

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The catcher can still give things away even if they use ESP.

I don’t care if it affects sign stealing, but if it cuts down on time where the battery determines a new Enigma-level code every time a runner reaches second, great.



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Why should I care if the catcher watches SportsCenter?

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This has Yankee stink all over it.

I remember before the sign stealing scandal came out, Justin Verlander talking about something like this.

He probably likes the ghost runner too

I don’t understand how anyone could be against this.


And how many teams will have their wifi password for this system be Password1234?

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Because sign stealing is not the evil; using a camera and transmitting info during the game is. Ban the cameras in the ballparks which look at the signs and/or ban monitors in the dugouts.

The system will have plenty of other ancillary benefits. The NFL allows two players on the field to have a speaker in their helmet, and it’s not just to prevent another Spygate.

Tell me about those benefits. Are you going to allow the manager to communicate electronically with the hitter?

No need for complicated sets of signs or changing the signs. Prevents cross-ups. Helps break down any language barriers between pitcher and catcher.

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